Good Health Design – Design for Health Symposium 2019

Workshop Session A

Drawing on creative and participatory practices in rethinking person-centred rehabilitation

Person-centred practice has received widespread endorsement across health settings and contexts and is understood to be an important and positive movement in rehabilitation. However, despite best intentions the rhetoric of person-centred practice does not always translate meaningfully into reality. In this workshop we hope to bring those working in health and design together to explore how creative and participatory practices can help to a) make visible the structures, processes, and professional identities that help or hinder a more fundamental shift in practice, and b) envisage how it could be different.

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop FacilitatorS

Nicola Kayes

Centre for Person Centred Research, AUT
Nicola is Associate Professor in Rehabilitation and Director of the Centre for Person Centred Research (PCR) at Auckland University of Technology. Nicola’s research draws insights from the intersection between health psychology and rehabilitation. This includes examining who and how we are with patients as a critical factor in rehabilitation and whether shifting structures, processes and the way we work can optimise outcome. This has led to some exciting collaborative opportunities with design colleagues and an interest in the potential for creative and participatory practices in rethinking rehabilitation.