Good Health Design – Design for Health Symposium 2019

D4H Network
Workshop Summary

The Design for Health Network Workshop was held in the afternoon on Friday 20 September 2019. It invited participants to share the challenges and opportunities for the future of a design for health network.

The workshops sought to understand the challenges, but also opportunities for a future design for health network identified by a range of audience from health, design and other backgrounds working across multiple international contexts.

Practical constraints including lack of resources, differing regulatory and governance frameworks were identified as major barriers to building and participating in transdisciplinary projects in this space. However, there was also an acknowledgement that broader philosophical barriers arising as a consequence of siloed perspectives and different research paradigms between design and health were equally problematic.

Despite these challenges, the overall findings were inherently optimistic as participants co-imagined broad opportunities for a future network and collectively identified targeted solutions for ‘breaking the “normal” and doing things differently’.

Building on the established success of the D4H Journal and D4H Conference, Lab4Living and Good Health Design are excited to launch the Design for Health Global Network (D4HGN). Check out the landing page below. Full website coming soon!

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