Good Health Design – Design for Health Symposium 2019

Workshop Session A

Out of Hospital: A new approach to clinical and design collaboration

The ProActive Living Lab project workshop sets out to challenge participants to turn current trends in design and clinical collaboration on their heads, by exploring and questioning the potential of distributed design and eManufacturing as a solution for the complex realities of cross-cultural / transdisciplinary work practices and cutting-edge digital technologies for personalised design and proactive healthcare.

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop FacilitatorS

Jennifer Loy

Proactive Living Lab, Deakin University
Professor Jennifer Loy leads the newly formed Proactive Living Lab in the School of Engineering at Deakin University, Australia. She is Professor of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), and has a background in Industrial Design with a particular interest in design for health and wellbeing in a digital era.

David White

BioDesign Lab, AUT
Dr David White, Director of the AUT BioDesign Lab, is a strong advocate of interdisciplinary research around breathing technologies and is very active in the New Zealand Medical Technologies Centre of Research Excellence providing medical device design expertise. With a strong industry and academic background in mechanical design, David has focussed on applied and design-centric research focussing on innovating breathing devices and therapies and is listed inventor in five patents.

Steve Reay

Good Health Design, AUT
Dr Stephen Reay, Associate Professor in Art and Design, is director of Good Health Design, a collaborative design studio at Auckland University of Technology. As one of a multidisciplinary team, whose aim is to develop better health and wellbeing experiences, Steve's research focuses on how the design of products and services may have a positive impact on people's health and wellbeing. Good Health Design enables designers to engage with clinical experts, healthcare professionals as well as researchers from other disciplines, to share and test ideas and develop unique solutions.