Good Health Design – Design for Health Symposium 2019

Workshop Session B

Unpacking ethics

Ethics are a system of moral principles and a branch of knowledge enquiry that defines what is good for individuals and society (Benn 2004). Within research these are manifested in codes of conduct and ethical procedures created to guide and support researchers and practitioners as they navigate the complex dilemmas that research and practice raise. New paradigms in interdisciplinary research and the emergence of emancipatory and participatory methods are currently calling for a rethinking of existing ethical frameworks which are predicated on bioethics. This interactive workshop offers the opportunity to explore what ethics means for your research project. Participants will be taken through a series of crafted activities which have been developed as part of an EPSRC funded project by researchers in the UK. The workshop offers you an opportunity to develop your own ethical roadmap for your project and to consider some of the broader ethical processes and protocols that you will encounter in your research.

Workshop Facilitator

Workshop FacilitatorS

Claire Craig

Lab4Living, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr. Claire Craig is Reader in Design and Creative Practice in Health and Co-Director of Lab4Living, a transdisciplinary research group at Sheffield Hallam University. Her research focuses on the role of design in promoting quality of life and wellbeing, particularly in the context of people experiencing major life transitions. Claire is a qualified occupational therapist and has written a number of books in relation to her work including Meaningful Making: Journeying through Dementia, Exploring the Self through Photography and Creativity and Communication.