Design for
Health Minor

Tomorrow’s health and wellbeing will be driven by those who can apply creative, practical, problem-solving skills to complex problems. Future proof your career.

I know that we all have experiences with health and wellbeing in some way. I think everyone can contribute to that space and I think for designers and creatives it's their opportunity to give their input or help communicate information that's important for the general public to know.

— Janette Ng, Masters Student

Working in Design for Health really gives someone like me who's a doctor, who's a clinician, a really different perspective. When I first came into the field of design for health my eyes were opened to a whole other way of thinking, a whole other way of looking at problems and solutions.

— Imogen Evans, Healthcare Design Fellow

There's a lot of advocating for people who are in need. in health care they are encouraging designers to be part of the process to improve the health technologies or medical devices.

— Laveda Pasang, Masters Student

Design for Health has given me a different perspective on how to approach design. It's kind of a breath of fresh air going back to working with and for the people.

— Geena Stanley, Masters Student

What's great about working in Design for Health is using design and all those creative outcomes to help translate and describe all the complicated data that health obviously has and being able to communicate it in a way that actually speaks to people and doesn't feel disconnected.

— Jordan Tane, Undergraduate Student

I have this belief that design can fit in everywhere and can improve people's lives and, especially in health care.

— Sarah Pearson, Masters Student

Take the Design for Health Minor and explore how design can connect healthcare and communities. Learning in a design for health space will give you confidence and skills to tackle any design challenge you might encounter in your career. We work with awesome people, communities and organisations creating spaces, products and toolkits, hosting events and engaging communities.

We are a transdisciplinary design and research studio based at AUT’s school of Art + Design. We use  design to empower, delight, and enrich lives in our communities. We are united by our motivation to help people to think differently, be confident to explore possibilities and dream bigger in response to health and wellbeing challenges.  

Our research focuses on how the design of products and services may have a positive impact on people’s health and wellbeing. We engage with clinical experts, healthcare professionals as well as researchers from other disciplines, to share and test ideas and develop unique solutions.

Good Health Design facilitates a range of Design for Health projects with both undergraduate and postgraduate students at AUT.

Our Collaboration Partners

While situated within the School of Art & Design, Good Health Design works with many external partners and organisations. As a Design for Health Minor student, you’ll be able to benefit from the variety of professional relationships the Good Health Design teaching team has with industry partners and contribute to some real world projects in the field of Design for Health.