Design for Health
Symposium 2023

Creating space for our future leaders

Wednesday 6th December 2023
WG308, The Wave Room, AUT City Campus
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Creating space for our future leaders

This year, our D4H symposium will explore how we work with communities to bring their solutions to life – but with a specific focus on rangatahi as the leaders of the future. Mainstream providers have a role in working with those most underserved. They must also give space and time to allow rangatahi to lead and design their solutions and ways of doing things. This will require reimagining how ‘health’ and ‘wellness’ are conceptualised and addressed within contemporary practices and systems in Aotearoa, and will need to be people-centred, community-driven, co-produced, and underpinned by authentic partnerships.

The Format

This year, we are proposing a new format — provocative speakers, each followed by an interactive discussion to allow participants space and time to reflect, question and collectively engage and respond to the opportunities presented.



Each speaker will give a 10-15 minute talk about their mahi and/or how they are working with rangatahi.



After each talk, participants will be invited to collectively reflect, question, engage and respond through an activity in small groups.



We will invite participants from all groups to contribute their reflections and responses to a collective board.



After the symposium, we will bring together all the contributions into an accessible format to be shared.

Organising Committee