Workbook Set

Workbook Set


This is the workbook set for My Project Manifesto, Little Red and My Hero’s Journey.

You will receive the digital files for:

  • My Project Manifesto B5 Print File
  • My Project Manifesto Interactive Digital File*
  • Little Red B5 Print File
  • Little Red Interactive Digital File*
  • My Hero's Journey B5 Print File
  • My Hero's Journey Interactive Digital File*
  • Educational Use License Agreements (for Education Use License purchasers only)

Note that this is for the digital files. You will not receive the physical books.

*Interactivity varies depending on your device or software

Included in this set:

My Project Manifesto
My Project Manifesto is designed to help you think about what you want to get out of your design research project and what success looks like for you — both in your design research project and in your future/career. This is best completed at the beginning of your research project, but can be revisited as you change and develop your project along the way.

Little Red
Sometimes we get stuck when we least expect it. Little Red is designed to help you when you hit a critical point in your research project. This booklet can be completed at any point in your research project when you feel like things aren't going great or something doesn't feel quite right, but is also great to do when things are going well, so you can do more of it in the future.

My Hero's Journey
My Hero’s Journey is designed to help you think deeply about your research journey so that you can ‘discuss’ your project with confidence. You should complete it towards the end of your project, when you are ready to look back and reflect on what you have done over the course of your research.

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Are you making a meal out of research?
Those new to research often end up ‘making a meal of it’ because it can be tricky to know exactly where to begin. But it doesn’t have to be so daunting.

This workbook has been designed mostly for those going into postgraduate study, but it can also be used by anyone looking to start their journey into research. It will help you better understand what research is, how to do it (with activities to help you think about this in the context of your own research) and where you might start looking in the vast ocean of resources out there.

Purchase at Routledge or your local bookshop.

Method Framework
METHOD is a resource is written for students, researchers and practitioners whose work sits at the intersection between design and health. It is built on research undertaken by two design-led research labs, one in the United Kingdom (Lab4Living) and the other in New Zealand (Good Health Design), who have dedicated the last two decades to building an understanding of the role that design research might play in the broader context of health and wellbeing. Over the last two decades they have recognised that some researchers struggle with how best to articulate their research. Sometimes there is confusion over the difference(s) between what is design and what is design research. Consequently, there is a need to build confidence in Design for Health research, methods and approaches so that outcomes are better understood and valued.

Available for free (coming soon)