Good Health Design – Design for Health Symposium 2019


Derek McCormack

Health Futures

AUT’s Vice Chancellor Derek McCormack started the day off by challenging us to rethink healthcare – to move from focusing on what allows us to live to why we live. He reminded us that while we focus considerable energy and resource at what happens within the context of healthcare organisations, that the majority of variance in health outcomes is explained by factors outside of this system, highlighting the critical role of transdisciplinary work in health futures.
Derek McCormack is the Vice‐Chancellor of the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). He began his career as a biochemist at the University of Otago and the Otago Polytechnic. Prior to his appointment as Vice-Chancellor in 2004, Derek was the President of the New Zealand Association of Staff in Tertiary Education, General Manager of Auckland Institute of Technology, and AUT’s Deputy Vice‐Chancellor. He has led the extensive transformation and growth of AUT as a university. Over the years Derek has served as chair for a number of national organisations including the New Zealand Academy of Sport, the New Zealand Stroke Foundation, the New Zealand Vice Chancellors Committee and Universities New Zealand.

Watch Derek's Keynote below.

Credit to Eden Potter