Dementia Auckland Carer Booklet


Alyssa Caballero and Cassie Zoest interned with us in 2019, working on a project for Dementia Auckland. Their challenge was to redesign a booklet of tips for carers of those with dementia. The aim was to deliver tips to carers in a more visually engaging way; and to provide tips that are clear and practically helpful, but most importantly positive and reassuring.

After reviewing and analysing the current booklet Dementia Auckland used, the objectives for the redesign became quite clear to Cassie and Alyssa. What stood out to them the most as designers was the lack of visual engagement and appeal, and secondly some negative wording of the tips as well as vagueness. Therefore, their two main objectives for the redesign were to increase the visual engagement of the booklet, and to revise the tips in a more positive, reassuring but also clear way.

In order to boost the visual engagement of the booklet they created simple illustrations that accompanied the tips. They went for grounded and straight forward depictions of the tips and a clean and simple style. Both of these choices were to try cultivate a soothing visual experience and to communicate as clearly as possible to the carers.

Alongside illustrations, Cassie and Alyssa also revised the tips themselves. We reviewed all the tips, and anything we felt that sounded negative we spun in a more positive light. Tips that were vague or confusing we revised for clarity as we wanted the overall experience for the carers to be straightforward and simple. We also removed things that had been repeated and in their place added more practical tips on how to care for someone with dementia, as we wanted the booklet to be a balance of reassurance, positivity and usefulness. 

In the end, they created a booklet that was simple, yet visually engaging and communicated to carers in a more positive and productive manner.

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Here's what Alyssa and Cassie had to say about their experience —

Cassie — "Working for an outside organisation such as Dementia Auckland was a really valuable experience as a young designer, as well as getting to meet some of the carers we were designing for. To me it was really great to see how real world design is human centred, and to create a product that helped a certain group of people that I got to really understand and empathise with was very rewarding.

Through my time at Good Health Design I also saw first hand how design can be multidisciplinary and how professional designers work together. I also got to see first hand how designers can collaborate and work within other sectors such as healthcare to create something that truly helps others and has meaning. I think the experience really helped open my mind to the possibilities I have as a designer and to the various ways that I can help others with my skill set in the future."

Alyssa — "I valued my time as an intern at Good Health Design as I was able to gain experience in a professional environment and with my first real-world brief. I had the opportunity to be creative as possible and work collaboratively with the team. We received a lot of support from everyone in the office, who were also willing to take part in weekly meetings to understand what part of the process we were in and gave us feedback.

Not only was I able to work in a professional environment, I was able to meet the people I was designing for. Working with Dementia Auckland and meeting some of the dementia carers was invaluable experience for my future endeavours in design – eventually I want to be working in design for wellbeing or social good."

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