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Good Health Design hosted the Design for Health Symposium 2019, and had two awesome interns Katie Twisleton and Serene Aun create a visual brand identity for the symposium. Their challenge was to create the visual identity for the Symposium that aimed to reflect the coming together of both design and health professionals. Also provoking conversations around how design can positively impact the health and wellbeing of others.

Here's what Serene had to say about her experience — "The most valuable aspect of interning with GHD was gaining my first experience in a real-world branding brief. It was really interesting to feel quite out of my depth (in a good way) as it made me draw on the learnings from past experiences that I didn’t realise I had but also notice the gaps in my knowledge which I'm now more aware of and motivated to fill. Another thing I would add is, the experience of working in a more professional team environment and seeing the operations of how much collaboration happens both within the team and outside. There were a lot of opportunities to do things I didn’t expect e.g. the video shoot 😂 (soon to be released) but it was so cool to see first hand and be a part of such a flexible and multidisciplinary team.

Both these aspects have benefitted me in preparing for my future by giving me a glimpse into what to expect when I leave uni. It’s made me think a lot deeper and more seriously about design and reflect on what I thought I wanted to do. I’ve definitely become more motivated to up-skill myself, and think about where I want to go so I can head into industry or the next stages of my journey a little bit more prepared."

And here's what Katie had to say about the experience — "Overall, the most valuable experience during my time at GHD was working with a team that shared a passion for helping people through design. This experience was eye-opening in terms of knowing where I want to be in the future. I’ve always wanted to help people but never knew how to do it through design.

My time with GHD has prepared me for my future by leading me to realise where I want to be in the future. Design is more than making pretty things, you can make a difference in people’s lives and create purposeful design. It has also allowed me to take on my first real-world branding brief and realise there is a lot more work and communication that needs to take place to create a successful brand."

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Thanks to Serene and Katie, we had a very successful two-day symposium, with over 100 people joining us in September 2019 for the Design for Health Symposium 2019 to be part of the global shift towards designing effective, person-centred approaches to long-term health and wellbeing. Check out some of the highlights from the symposium below and visit our website to learn more about what happened over the two days here.

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