Making Meaning


Making Meaning was a community event held at the Ellen Melville Centre in downtown Auckland on Friday 26 February 2021. The purpose of this event was to explore ‘belonging’ with the local community using some creative, arts-based activities. Each activity was designed so that people of all ages and all walks of life could share experiences, observations, and stories of belonging (and not belonging).

The event drew a lot of interest from passers-by, with people stopping by throughout the day to see what was going on. Together, the collection of activities created a space where people could have deep, and sometimes difficult, conversations about topics they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to discuss – and with people they may not otherwise have met. 

A highlight for many was Tell-a-Phone, an interactive installation in Freyberg Square that looked like an old payphone but was actually a private booth designed to capture people’s thoughts and reflections. Another highlight was the Making Meaning workshop, where people were invited to explore belonging in a more metaphorical way using Play-Doh.  

To find out more about Making Meaning, check out the event page here — Making Meaning Event

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