Mindset is a tactile tool that creates a physical space for people to identify and reflect on their personal values. Built on the Japanese concept of ikigai as one’s “reason for being”, Mindset distills the overwhelming questions presented by the ikigai into an activity that focuses on a person’s present priorities and interests.

By facilitating an activity through which people establish their ‘why,’ Mindset then becomes a future tool for identifying next steps and an action plan. Users visually categorise and map out aspects of their lives that are important to them through assigning coloured cubes representing their ‘life categories’ to their most important values. The tactility in using physical objects gives space for reflection that emphasises one’s gut feeling and what feels ‘right’. Users are encouraged to ‘test’ the values by moving the coloured cubes around until they feel satisfied with their board. The impermanence of placing the blocks on the board allows for people to check in later to reassess and see how their values may have changed.

The completed board becomes a visual reframing of values that highlight areas of interest like overlapping values and visible differences between categories. By separating this reflection from one’s inner thoughts and making it physical, people are able to view their values from a new perspective. Revealing these areas of interest can help people critically think about why those differences or similarities may exist, and from there, articulate their personal ‘why.’

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