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Good Health Design started a community wellbeing project during the first COVID lockdown back in 2020, called the Museum of Meaningful Moments. Over the summer, Janette worked with the team to champion the Museum of Meaningful Moments, designing a range of material and digital promotional assets.

MMM is a community initiative that encourages the public to respond to prompts and contribute them to a larger collection within the “Museum.” The collections showcase everyday moments which are easy to take for granted. In addition to managing the administration, Janette focussed on creating promotional collateral which increased public engagement within the local community.

The MMM Toast Tongs were a way to target busy spots around the community and encourage those who came across them to contribute their meaningful moments. Liaising with local businesses and community centres proved challenging, however, through a process of trial and error, Janette developed a strategy to encourage the cause. Her work began with packaging the Toast Tongs so they could easily be distributed and would be more appealing to potential hosts. She experimented with creating MMM branded laser-cut stamps and vinyl stickers that could be placed onto the redwood tongs. The Toast Tongs were well received and placed in locations such as Auckland City Library, Red Cross, Ellen Melville Centre and The Salvation Army.

Janette also created a series of animated shorts, inspired by the MMM graphic style branding. Each short imagined the story behind a submission from one of the MMM collections. The animated series was designed to capture an audience of AUT students with the TV screens on campus, as well as being an asset for social media. The animations had to therefore be appealing as a stand-alone video and as an hour-long reel, both with music and without. The VHS tape reel of the animations and additional submissions also featured in our Making Meaning event at the Ellen Melville Centre.

Here's what Janette had to say about her summer studentship experience — "Over the course of my summer studentship, I was presented with many challenges. The staff at Good Health Design and the other Good Fellows played an integral role in helping me overcome every hurdle. The amazing support that I received on this journey allowed me to grow both as a designer and as a person. I loved every second I spent immersed in these projects, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from the best."

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View Janette's animation shorts below and check out the Museum of Meaningful Moments at or on Instagram and Twitter @museofmeaning

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