MMM Campaign – "What is a memory you would like to relive?"


Christene designed and prepared a welcome back to campus campaign for the Museum of Meaningful Moments. It was held in May 2022, when students were officially welcomed back to AUT’s campus. It aimed engage staff and students to post memories they wished to relive. It is a unique prompt that allowed anyone to see loved memories, hopefully sparking a memory within their own that can make them feel happy.

Christene was tasked coming up with a new prompt, promotional content to support the prompt, and plan where to place these advertisements for MMM and the new prompt. The ideation phase was discovering the voice and style for these collateral items, following the current style of MMM was simple. Creating new ideas that haven’t been done before was the challenge. A comical style was discovered through the creation process. Utilizing comical speech bubbles, and new methods to display shadows through halftones and speed lines produced a unique, but timeless effect upon the poster design. This voice further continued through the social media promotional content. Although, there was leverage on utilizing black as the background color, enabling the mascot to stand out along with all the other illustrations. Often the voice of this certain prompt was playful, this is achieved by enabling the mascot to interact through paper to the audience by asking questions or reaching out. This is supported by the comical speech bubbles, emotions shown by the mascot, and planned speech.

The campaign was launched in May 2022 as part of AUT's Welcome back to campus event. The content Christene had designed was used for the physical set up of the MMM post box around AUT's city campus and to promote the campaign on social media.

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Here's what Christene had to say about the experience – "“The experience at Good Health Design was positive and supportive, despite the COVID restrictions, the team did their very best to allow this experience one to be remembered. Not only did this experience benefit me and my future endeavours, but I definitely learnt new methods of illustrating, art techniques and the process of editing to refine.”

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