Nightmare Scenario Dice


Sarah developed a series of icons and the packaging design for a healthcare dice toolkit Good Health Design is working on for healthcare professionals and medical students to educate them about the patient journey.

‘Nightmare Scenario’ is a build on of a card-based toolkit Good Health Design has created previously, which follows the bad experiences of patients at the hospital. Although the card-based toolkit is effective in providing players with an understanding about the patient journey, the scenarios of the patients are fixed. This results in the same outcome during each play, which then becomes gradually predictable. However with a series of dice determining the situations it will be randomised, taking players through a scenario that is different each time.

The aim of this toolkit is to allow healthcare professionals and medical students to gain a better sense and understanding of the patient journey. The randomised dice will give players the chance to explore and consider the vast diversity of patient and whānau experiences, characteristics and challenges through problem-solving and empathy mapping. It will provide them with a fresh perspective on the different journeys that patients may go through.

Firstly, Sarah was tasked with designing the illustrations for the dice. There are fifteen dice in total which situates the patient’s age group, profession, hobby, personality, at-home dynamic/socio-economic situation, communication barrier, incident/symptom, transport to hospital, whānau/family, barriers for whānau/family, staff barriers, complication and outcome. Different variations of the icons were made through the process, considering their comprehensibility and level of simplicity.

For the packaging design Sarah created a new brand identity, separate from the previous card-based toolkit. This involved explorations for logotype, colour, illustration and layout. Overall it surrounds the feeling of panic and worry under a state of crisis, positioning  a healthcare worker being faced with the difficult experiences of a patient.

Here's what Sarah had to say about the experience:

"Interning with Good Health Design was an enjoyable and enriching experience which enabled me to develop my skills not only as a designer but also in a personal sense. Through this experience I have gained an understanding about the application of design in the healthcare sector and the importance of it. Throughout the process, Cassie and Alyssa were helpful and supportive in providing guidance and responding to any challenges that arose or help needed in a positive way. I am thankful to have been given the opportunity to work with a team that works on creating meaningful impact on people’s lives."

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