Patient Experience Video Process


For this project, Sarah and Sonia collaborated with the Patient Experience team at Waitematā District Health Board and developed a clear video process and a series of resources for staff to follow which will be displayed on the staff intranet to support the development of patient videos service.

Videos of patient stories and journeys through health services are a great resource for patients and staff to learn and understand more about hospital experiences and services. The Patient Experience team at the hospital provides assistance with the development of such videos so that staff can continue to learn from their patients and whānau and provide them with the best level of care and support. Currently, however, the process involved in videoing patient stories and journeys is not easily visible to staff. Limited funding means that the intention for the videos needs to be made clear and the types of videos prioritised to cover a wide range of services and experiences.

Sarah and Sonia designed a series of resources targeted towards staff wanting to produce patient videos. These resources included a visible step-by-step process for creating patient videos, guidelines around best practice in order to create meaningful and impactful patient videos, and a decision making tool i.e. flow chart to help prioritise which videos get funded. Additionally, the layout of FAQ's was designed as well as an application form to further determine the priority of the videos.

The design applied the dominant green colour of the staff intranet logo accompanied with a clean and simplistic style which will allow the design to fit perfectly on the webpage. The illustrations also follow a simple and universal style to accommodate as many people as possible; the illustrations include both genders and removed any signs that may represent hierarchy or stereotypes, such as a female wearing a nurse costume or vice versa.

Here's what the students had to say about their experience:

Sonia - "During this summer studentship and collaborating with the i3 patient experience team, I had the chance to experience how thoughtful and meticulous you need to be to create a good design in the healthcare environment. Our supervisor Cassie from Good Health Design supported us to communicate with the i3 staff and leading us to the right design direction and helping with our weaknesses. Working closely with GHD and i3 team has truly enhanced my communication and decision-making skills. This experience makes me feel more confident to enter the creative industry."

Sarah - "This studentship was an eye-opening experience which has activated my thinking skills and working collaboratively. Working with the Patient Experience team has allowed me to gain an insight into the important roles within the team which I was not aware of before. I am thankful to have worked with Sonia on this project as well as Ravina from the Patient Experience team and our supervisor Cassie who has provided us with guidance and support throughout the process. This opportunity has definitely been an invaluable learning experience that I will carry into the future."

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