Supporting you through a difficult time: Interrupting a pregnancy for medical reasons


This project is collaborated with Good Health Design’s partners at Waitematā DHB, North Shore Hospital. Alyssa was in charge in creating the illustration graphics and the layout for an information booklet called ‘Supporting you through a difficult time: Interrupting a pregnancy for medical reasons’ to go against the norms of clinical designs to be distributed to patients.

‘Supporting you through a difficult time:Interrupting a pregnancy for medical reasons’ is an a5 informational booklet for patients, that walks them through the process and services offered from the hospital, to help patients cope during these difficult times. Unlike standard clinical brochures, which are often text-heavy and can be intimidating at such a delicate time, this booklet, instead, uses an illustrative approach to help convey the information in a softer manner.

Alyssa was tasked with developing the entire layout as well as illustrating assets for each section of the booklet. She generated concept drawings based on the provided text and selected the best ideas that would work well as a metaphor to help carefully express the information delicately. Keeping with the delicate approach, Alyssa uses soft pastel colours to differentiate from stereotypical colours used in clinical designs, as well as a water colour art technique to contribute to the softness she is attempting to convey. She produced final illustrations that is placed in the layout she also produced herself.

Here's what Alyssa had to say about her experience:

"During my internship with Good Health Design, I met a lot of great people that gave mea good first working experience within the design industry. The work culture was very friendly, and they have always emphasised reaching out if I needed any help. Cassie and Ivana, who I worked with during the whole project, were amazing in providing guidance when issues arose, which I am very grateful for as I would have not been able to produce the outcome without them. Working on this project allowed me to understand the importance of graphic design is within the healthcare system in that it helps with communicating information better. It truly felt satisfying to complete a design project that aids to make this delicate experience better for patients. I am very thankful to Good HealthDesign, especially Cassie and Ivana, for giving me this opportunity to work on a real-life project that helps in improving the well-being of patients."

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