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Naveen completed his work integrated learning with Good Health Design in 2019. The aim of his project was to design a staff survey tool for North Shore Hospital to help gather thoughts on current initiatives and areas that may be overlooked.

The main objective of the brief was to understand what staff at the North Shore Hospital thought about the current hospital and how it could be improved. They wanted to find out what changes they thought were necessary, to ensure that the hospital and the health care services provided are to the highest standard.

Instead of doing the same old survey with a list of basic questions, Naveen's challenge was to create something that was a bit more fun, interactive and challenging for the staff.

The resulting solution was a card based toolkit designed to challenge our normal way of thinking. The toolkit comes with 4 different sets of cards (Prompts, Attributes, Audiences and bonus Sense cards) and a page to write on. The prompt cards are made up of general words associated with the hospital, the attributes are values that are embedded within the hospital and the audiences are the three main users (Staff, Patients, Whanau). The provided page has a fill in the blank question that reads ‘How might we make _____ more _____ for _____?’

Users are encouraged to pick a card at random from each section, then to place them in the colour-coded slots on the page. This will form a question frm which they can work from. E.g ‘How might we make SPACES more INCLUSIVE for WHANAU?’ The abstract concept of the game encourages and provokes new thoughts and ideas, allowing for a broad range of answers.

Here’s what Naveen had to say about it about his experience — "Interning at Good Health Design has been my first experience working in a professional studio environment. In my time here I’ve had the chance to work on a little project for the North Shore Hospital, having my first go at a real-world brief."

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