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The Museum of Meaningful Moments is a community wellbeing project that invites people to respond to questions or prompts about their everyday experiences in times of change. It has been designed so that people of all ages and from all walks of life can share their experiences, observations, insights, and stories in whatever form they feel most comfortable with. It may be a photo, video, some artwork, or something completely different. The purpose of the Museum is to showcase and celebrate the moments we take for granted in daily life.

COVID came suddenly and unexpectedly in 2020, throwing us all into lockdown. During this time, the Good Health Design team sought to respond to the changing world around us, launching the Museum of Meaningful Moments in April 2020 on Instagram and Twitter as a way of collecting moments and archiving them as a record of the changing times. We saw MMM as an opportunity to stop, reflect and share the seemingly small and insignificant, yet meaningful moments in our lives, particularly in a time of such uncertainty.

We want to show how we all see things in different ways. When viewed as a whole, the collection is a reminder that while our everyday experiences may be unique to us as individuals, our collective experience at any given moment is made up of many different points of view. In this way, the Museum of Meaningful Moments allows us to see what is unique, and what is shared, in our experience of times of change.

Since we launched MMM, we've collected over 150 submissions to various prompts and created a small, but growing community. We launched a website in June 2020, giving our community a more comprehensive experience of all the submissions and their collections. We created and distributed handmade, DIY toast tongs across Auckland to promote MMM, and had a student (Janette Ng) create an amazing series of animated shorts imagining the story behind some of the submissions from our community. We've also exhibited the MMM at various events, showcasing highlights from our submission collections.

Check out the website at and our Instagram @museofmeaning

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Check out the projects by our students:

Animated Shorts – Janette Ng

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